Vanessa in California says:


My nephew just asked, "Hey, Aunt Nessie, are we going to do Sacred Grammar today?" I replied, "Yes." He jumped up and said, "YES! I love Sacred Grammar." What in the world?!!!


I have been meaning to tell you that we are really enjoying this book... not only are my kids excited to learn Grammar, I am thrilled to learn with them. I am convinced that Grammar is the foundation to all other subjects and it is crucial for us to have this base. It really is changing how we learn and speak to one another. It saddens me to know that they have dismissed this precious gem in public schools today. Thank you so much!


Will, my nephew, also mentioned his favorite part of the book is its Biblical base... it really is one of their favorite parts of the day. We sit in our beautiful patio, sip on some tea, and learn together.


Maurice Lattimore in Atlanta, Georgia says:


I write to express my appreciation for SACRED GRAMMAR and the place it has had in my life. Before I could become a student at Atlanta Metropolitan College, I had to pass an entrance exam that included reading and English. In my first attempt, I scored 19 out of a possible 100 on the Compass Test. Obviously, I did not pass. After that, I obtained a copy of SACRED GRAMMAR and I studied it hard. I also had three different conferences with Dr. Beaty. My score on my second try was 89. I improved 70 points and passed with flying colors!


I am presently on the way to becoming a certified Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counselor. I call SACRED GRAMMAR ‘a life-saving book’ because it brought new opportunities to my life I would not have had otherwise. I thank God for SACRED GRAMMAR.