Walter Brueggemann, PhD, Columbia Theological Seminary:

Who but Jim Beaty would have thought to juxtapose ‘grammar’ and ‘sacred’?


Walter Brueggemann again:
The “grammar” part is down and dirty. . . verbs, nouns, adjectives, and all the rest of that. The “sacred” part is the Bible and its capacity for good grammar as a means of announcing the “good news.” Thanks be to God for this book from a passionate teacher who knows the revelatory power of a well-wrought utterance.


Walter Reed, PhD, Emory University:
This book shows in a lucid, energetic and compassionate way, why grammar is the practical foundation of what the poet William Blake called “the stubborn basement of English.” And it does so with copious examples from a book that Blake himself was deeply immersed in, the Bible in English translation. The miracle of SACRED GRAMMAR is the clarity, wit, compassion and pastoral care that Beaty conveys to his readers in the ongoing struggle for literacy – of either kind (biblical or grammatical). Buy this book. Read this book. Ponder this book, and take comfort from it.


Charles G. Steffen, PhD, Georgia State University:
Dr. James Wilson Beaty has spent a long and productive academic career proclaiming the wonder-working powers of the grammatical word. From the University of South Carolina to Georgia State University and Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, he has inspired thousands of students with a simple message: all God’s children have “a right to write.” SACRED GRAMMAR contains the insights and wisdom we would expect of a master teacher, delivered with the passion and conviction of a master preacher. As Beaty shows us, something magical happens when we combine the word and the Word.


The Reverend Canon Gray Temple, Episcopal Priest:
We need a book like Jim Beaty’s SACRED GRAMMAR. For many this book will feel friendly, as familiar and beloved biblical passages pop up from nearly every page. The word grammar centuries ago took on overtones of actual magic. . . this book is magical.